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✈ let`s fly, b1a4!


so this was originally supposed to be a nice little meta for remixied but i got bored and it turned into a monster. so it's a primer and meta...thing! there's more meta than primer, though, probably because it was originally a meta! so, uh, if you have any random facts and information to contribute that i don't have on here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me! :)


okay, that was really obnoxious. but i just kind of wanted to get that out there.

FACTS are denoted by an arrow = ➪
FACTS have been researched or heard on television shows, seen on interviews, things that the members have said themselves. i may refer to the facts in the meta, but the meta is my interpretation of what they've said. the "facts" might not be true, but they're pulled from the boys' words.

    ✈ Let's Fly, B1A4!

    b1a4 is a rookie group under wm entertainment that debuted in the earlier half of 2011 (album / MV: april 21, 2011; debut performance: april 23, 2011). they're quite popular throughout korea, probably due to the fact that their debut song was all kinds of awesome. they've acquired numbers nicknames- paper-dols (A4 paper), country-dols (they all come from outside of seoul), etc. and they were constantly talking about how they're not exactly a good-looking group, but i, and hundreds of thousands of other fans, beg to differ. seriously, even my friends that aren't b1a4 stans think they're pretty good-looking.

    they've got great personalities, and i think part of their charm is that they're not afraid to be themselves on camera. they make the ugliest faces ever half the time, but people still love them regardless; they also promote quite a bit and seem to be under good management, despite wm being unheard of previously--which is another thing they've overcome.

    their fanclub name is 'bana'; B and A standing for B1A4, and N and A standing for the fans, because apparently NA in korean means 'me' (as in, the fans who are part of the club, me, and b1a4, BA). also, in korean, the term 'falling for you' is pronounced 'ban-ha-da', which, when said quickly, it sounds like bana.

    the boys all have twitters and use them quite often compared to other idol groups, and have garnered probably more followers than many of their seniors.

    they are currently finishing up their world tour, "road trip"!

    it's easy to get into these boys! there are only five of them, their names are relatively easy to remember, and it isn't difficult to tell them apart. here's how i recognized them at first:

    ✈ cnu has glasses (most of the time) and long hair, and is tall. his hair is usually brown or dark-brown. if you look closely, his teeth are kind of funky.
    ✈ jinyoung has fox/phoenix eyes. he usually has wavy, light-ish hair, but sometimes this changes. his face is pretty sharp, and he's thin.
    ✈ sandeul has a squishy face. his eyes get all small when he smiles--but they get big when he opens them widely. his mouth (duck lips) is usually open, and if you look closely, he has perfect teeth. he's the main singer.
    ✈ baro is the rapper with the deep voice and squirrel cheeks. his hair is (usually) either blonde or black, and he has buck teeth.
    ✈ gongchan seems like the tallest because he's so lanky. his eyes are big, one is double-lidded and one is single-lidded. his lips are thin, and his hair is usually dark brown/black.

    Links / Contact:

    International Forum
    this is a great place for news, translations, pictures, videos, anything. you have to sign up, and you have to have 30 posts to access some downloads, but other than that, great place. and you can participate in fan-things, too. :)

    Official Website

    WM Entertainment's Website

    Official Fancafe

    CNU's Twitter
    Jinyoung's Twitter
    Sandeul's Twitter
    Baro's Twitter
    Gongchan's Twitter

    allfortheone LJ Mother Community
    ok_b1a4 - LJ Fanworks Community
    o_k_girl - LJ Graphics Community

    bethe1all4one @ tumblr
    probably the quickest, most up-to-date photo blog for b1a4.

    AviateB1A4 @ tumblr
    quick news, translations, and tutorials on how to vote for b1a4.

    Music Videos:

    i'm not going to embed them here, because i want this page to load relatively quickly, so i'll link them instead. + they should be enjoyed in their full, larger screen glory.


    Only Learned Bad Things
    "못된 것만 배워서"

    Beautiful Target

    Beautiful Target (Zoom Zoom Version)

    Baby I'm Sorry

    Baby Good Night "잘자요 굿나잇"

    Beautiful Target (Japanese Version)

    Baby Good Night (Japanese Version) "おやすみ good night"

    Tried to Walk "걸어 본다"

    What's Happening? "이게 무슨 일이야"


    Solo Day


    Let's Fly:
    april 21, 2011.

    1. O.K.
    2. Remember
    3. Only Learned Bad Things (못된 것만 배워서)
    4. Bling Girl
    5. Only One
    6. O.K. (Instrumental)

    it B1A4:
    september 16, 2011.

    1. Beautiful Target
    2. My Love
    3. Chu Chu Chu (쮸쮸쮸)
    4. Wonderful Tonight
    5. Fooool
    6. Beautiful Target (Instrumental)

    Take Care Of Us, Captain OST:

    1. Sky

    This Time Is Over:
    march 5, 2012.

    1. This Time Is Over

    march 14, 2012.

    1. Baby I'm Sorry
    2. This Time Is Over
    3. So Fine
    4. Super Sonic
    5. Just Two of Us (둘만 있으면) (Baro Solo feat. miss A's Min)
    6. Smile (웃어봐)
    7. Feeling
    8. Crush (짝사랑) (Sandeul Solo)
    9. You Are My Girl
    10. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
    11. Baby I'm Sorry (Instrumental)

    thank you, jiny0ung.tumblr.com ♥

    Ignition (Special Edition):
    may 24, 2012.

    1. Baby Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇)
    2. Because of You (너때문에; Neottaemune)
    13. Baby Good Night (Instrumental)
    14. Because of You (Instrumental)

    Beautiful Target (Japanese):
    june 27, 2012.

    1. Beautiful Target -Japanese Ver.-
    2. Chu Chu Chu -Japanese Ver.-
    3. Bling Girl -Japanese Ver.-
    3. Ready to Go
    4. Beautiful Target (Instrumental)
    5. Chu Chu Chu (Instrumental)
    6. Bling Girl (Instrumental)
    6. Ready to Go (Instrumental)

    The Thousandth Man OST:
    august 14, 2012.

    1. Hey Girl
    2. Hey Girl (Instrumental)

    Baby Good Night:
    august 29, 2012

    1. Oyasumi Good Night -Japanese Ver.-
    2. Baby I'm Sorry -Japanese Ver.-
    3. Fly Away
    3. So Fine -Japanese Ver.-
    4. Oyasumi Good Night (Instrumental)
    5. Baby I'm Sorry (Instrumental)
    6. Fly Away (Instrumental)
    6. So Fine (Instrumental)

    october 24, 2012

    1. Beautiful Lie
    2. Oyasumi Good Night
    3. Empty Mind
    4. Only Learned Bad Things -Japanese Ver.-
    5. Tipping Point
    6. Wake Me Up
    7. Only One -Japanese Ver.-
    8. Beautiful Target -Japanese Ver.-
    9. One Love
    10. O.K. -Japanese Ver.-

    In the Wind:
    november 12, 2012.

    1. In the Wind (Intro)
    2. Tried to Walk (걸어 본다)
    3. If... (너만 있으면)
    4. I Won't Do Bad Things (나쁜 짓안 할게요) (feat. miss A's Suzy)
    5. What Do You Want to Do (뭐 할래요)
    6. By My Girl (Jinyoung Solo feat. Brown Eyed Girls' Jea)
    7. In the Air
    8. Tried to Walk (Instrumental)

    We Got Married Global Edition OST:
    april 29, 2013.

    1. Sunshine

    What's Happening?:
    may 8, 2013.

    1. Starlight Song (별빛의 노래)
    2. What's Happening? (이게무슨일이야)
    3. Yesterday
    4. Good Love
    5. How Many Times (몇 번을)

    Reply 1994 OST:
    november 8, 2013.

    1. With You (그대와 함께)

    Who Am I:
    january 13, 2014.

    1. Prologue (Intro)
    2. Lonely (없구나)
    3. When in Love (사랑 그땐) (feat. Harim)
    4. Amazing
    5. Baby
    6. Oh My God
    7. Too Much (벅차) (Sandeul + Gongchan duet)
    8. Pretty
    9. Who Am I
    10. Drunk with Music (음악에 취해) (CNU solo)
    11. Road (길)
    12. Seoul

    march 19, 2014.

    1. Believe in Love
    2. Starlight Song -Japanese Ver.-
    3. Angel Eyes
    4. HEY!!
    5. Tried To Walk -Japanese Ver.-
    6. Yesterday -Japanese Ver.-
    7. What's Happening? -Japanese Ver.-
    8. You Are My Girl -Japanese Ver.-

    Solo Day:
    july 14, 2014.

    1. Solo Day
    2. You Make Me a Fool (내가 뭐가돼)
    3. It's Going Well (잘돼가)
    4. A Glass of Water (물한잔)
    5. Drive
    6. You (feat. Sunmi)

    Other Videos:

    english-subbed stuff, such as mtv match-up and their little "variety show" baba. imo, baba is a lot less scripted and more entertaining and less time-consuming to watch, but mtv matchup has some priceless moments, too. :)

    more english-subbed stuff, including baba, sesame player, baro's cuts on 'god of cookery road,' and cnu's drama, 'i need a fairy.'

    B1SSubs channel for uploading hello baby :)


    [01] Baro & CNU Rap
    [02] Singing in the Car
    [03] Birthday Message to CNU
    [04] In the Waiting Room
    [05] Sandeul Gets Married
    [06] The Most Ridiculous Shit Ever
    [07] "My Name Is Dancing King"
    [08] In Which Jinyoung Marries a Banana
    [09] Jomma Jomma Ya
    [10] In Which a Cat Attacks Sandeul
    [11] Merry Christmas
    [12] What Is Your Problem
    [13] Beautiful Target Lol Ver.
    [14] Beautiful Target SP Ver.
    [15] O.K. Japan Ver (A++++ Footage)
    [16] The Most Heartwarming Thing You Will Ever Watch


    MTV Selca Diary | Part 2



    - 120425 part 1 | part 2
    - 121212 part 1 | part 2
    - 130529 part 1 | part 2 | part 3
    - 140219 part 1 | part 2
    - 140813

    SOLO DAY Teasers [playlist]


    Road Trip - Ready? BEHIND clips [playlist]

    The Whole Crew:





    • real name: shin dongwoo (신동우)
    • birthday: june 16, 1991 (age 21)
    • birth place: chungbuk, cheongju
    • position: vocalist, rapper, dancer
    • blood type: a
    • height: 182cm
    • weight: 64kg
    • skills/hobbies: rap, taekwondo, basketball, soccer, being a health freak
    • siblings: older sister (5 years older)
    • favorite color: black
    • favorite food: pork, spicy rice cake
    • habits: moves slowly, nags, talks in his sleep, does pushups before stage, writes in a journal
    • nicknames: bear, cnu-eomma, cnu-noona, don't get in the way (lol)
    • ideal type: a bright girl who always smiles at the people around her, broad-minded like a mother, kind-hearted, f(x)'s krystal, miss a's suzy


    ➪ apparently he resembles a chicken. in my opinion, he resembles a bear.
    ➪ he's the tallest.
    ➪ simple fashion: jeans and a tee. his sister used to pick out his clothes for him.
    ➪ with baro, wrote the lyrics to 'beautiful target.'
    ➪ 'a fan' of gongchan because gongchan looks good in any situation.
    ➪ he doesn't have a lot of body hair.
    ➪ wants his children to resemble jinyoung, thinks sandeul is the best-looking.
    ➪ he's scared of heights. also afraid of sleeping by himself in the dorm.
    ➪ his glasses are fake, but he wears contacts.
    ➪ while filming the basketball scene for O.K., he accidentally hit the girl in the face.
    ➪ he starred in a drama with ss501's youngsaeng called 'i need a fairy.' he missed his bandmates a lot while he was filming.
    ➪ was in a rock band called 'gapgol' in high school.
    ➪ has a driver's license.
    ➪ he wants to be able to time travel and read minds.
    ➪ he organizes his thoughts and reflects on his day before going to bed
    ➪ he sleeps in his underwear.
    ➪ talks in his sleep.
    ➪ he has a dog named 'sparkling.'


    C N U


    cnu is the oldest member of b1a4 and you'd think he'd be the leader, but he isn't. i think he enjoys not being the leader; in my opinion, he's quieter and not quite as bossy as jinyoung is (though we don't get a lot of bossy!jinyoung either, but w/e jinyoung still has this aura that says he might be bossy off-cam, or when he's serious about something).

    so basically cnu is a giant overgrown pushover teddy bear. he's mature, modest, level-headed, and very cautious--the others call him pooh bear because he's so slow; gongchan has said that cnu makes them late in the mornings, and he defends himself by saying that he thinks things through and moves cautiously, which i see as quite fitting. he's not a complete stone, either, though. you can see that he definitely wants to be a kid like the others sometimes (after kissing jinyoung at the jinyoung day thing, he kinda just dances off stage in....happiness?! lmao i love this guy). but compared to the others, he sometimes comes off as a stone. he seems to want more than he thinks he has: he's self-conscious, reflects a lot, and is probably always looking for ways to improve himself in slow, steady increments.

    apparently he's a health freak (he yells at sandeul to be careful of what/how much he eats) but from what i've seen, he's not terribly athletic? lmao um. he can play basketball, though. despite this yelling and nagging, you can really tell how much the other members mean to him. he isn't as touchy-feely as say gongchan or sandeul, but he reveals himself in interviews, where he often mentions that he misses the other members when he's away, he's afraid of being by himself, and he can give the other members apt adjectives without thinking twice.

    he's said that he's awkward around both jinyoung and gongchan when they're alone. this is probably because he's used to hanging around mood-makers baro and sandeul, while jinyoung is more distracted, and gongchan prefers to entertain himself. i think cnu likes company; he does deny the awkwardness, proving that he really wants to get along with everyone, but doesn't think he has the personality to do it. a lot of times, he has a straight face on, like in weekly idol, where he was playing the apple game with gongchan (re: stone). i honestly think it's just because he's older and feels like he bears the responsibility of keeping the other members, especially the younger three, sane. he seems like a good listener, someone to go to when you have problems, which is probably why jinyoung trusts him the most out of the other members. cnu, though, still isn't quite as charismatic as jinyoung and baro are, and can't get away with it like sandeul and gongchan can- at the award shows, jinyoung and sandeul were the ones who gave the speeches, not cnu.

    he's gotten better lately, showing a lot more charisma onstage with their 'jaljayo goodnight' promotions, but on shows, he does still kind of seem like he's chilling on the backburner, not talking unless he's talked to.

    he suffers from least-popular-member disease, but he doesn't seem to let it show that he minds that much. conversely, though, he's the member who's the most self-conscious about his looks, which makes me wonder if he actually does mind being the least popular member. ): he's always in front of the camera checking his face, or when they do hidden cameras in the dorm, he's always covering his face (when he doesn't have glasses on or isn't ready to be seen.) c'mon guys, show pooh bear some love. he's talented and seems more ~proud~ of his rapping abilities than his singing abilities, though i think he has a great voice and is quite solid live when he's not nervous. and he's hot okay. anyone who can't see this is blind. okay just kidding but the boy is ridiculously attractive. he quietly tries his best at everything he does, and it shows- he's improved a lot in his vocals, dance, and modeling abilities, everything he can improve, tbh. he's definitely trying to make a name for himself somewhere: sandeul is an open idiot and holds vocals, baro has variety and rap, jinyoung is the pretty leader, and gongchan is the attractive magnae. while cnu doesn't have that sparkling personality, he has his own kind of quiet, self-conscious-but-doesn't-let-it-show aura that really appeals to older fans.



    • real name: jung jinyoung (정진영)
    • birthday: november 18, 1991 (age 21)
    • birth place: chungbuk, cheongju
    • position: leader, vocalist, "face," composer/lyricist
    • blood type: a
    • height: 178cm
    • weight: 59kg
    • skills/hobbies: composing, singing, acting, playing guitar, cooking, making strange sounds, archery?
    • siblings: older sister (2 years older)
    • favorite color: red, black
    • favorite food: beef
    • habits: doing ballet in his sleep, biting his lips, crying while reading books and watching movies
    • nicknames: fox, halbae (grandpa)
    • ideal type: a girl with a bob who is feminine, virtuous, and knows how to respect her elders - would help an old grandmother hold onto her heavy things on the subway, miss a's suzy, brown eyed girls' miryo

    ➪ he's said to look like minhwan from ft island, lee joon from mblaq.
    ➪ he composed bling girl, wonderful tonight, baby i'm sorry, baby good night, because of you, in the wind (intro), tried to walk, what do you want to do.
    ➪ one way's chance has said that jinyoung doesn't seem to know anything about music, but just goes by his emotions.
    ➪ he can make helicopter, car zooming, water dripping, doraemon, and vacuum clogging sounds.
    ➪ he thinks gongchan is the most handsome member, and he ranks himself 3rd.
    ➪ likes spam (food), but his favorite food is sushi.
    ➪ started composing during his trainee days.
    ➪ wants to collaborate with will.i.am from black eyed peas.
    ➪ used to be an ulzzang. he won a contest and beat out shinee's jonghyun and actor song joongki.
    ➪ he's acted before in a kbs drama 'my mom, super mom' and cable channel mbc dramanet's 'chosun police.' also had a short appearance in the drama 'the thousandth man.'
    ➪ a fan of big bang's TOP because he's charismatic.
    ➪ according to the other members, he looks better after he's just woken up. (same with gongchan)
    ➪ wants his children to resemble gongchan, thinks gongchan is the best-looking.
    ➪ if he weren't a singer, he'd be an engineer.
    ➪ he likes cooking, and his "specialties" are aglio e olio and pork and kimchi duruchigi.
    ➪ he was the vice-president of his school's student council.
    ➪ he studied in singapore during middle school.
    ➪ his favorite movie is war of the worlds.
    ➪ has a driver's license.
    ➪ falls asleep curled up in a ball.
    ➪ he sleeps in a tank top.
    ➪ he is actually very strong despite his appearance, and good at arm-wrestling.


    J I N Y O U N G


    i think the first thing to mention about jung jinyoung is that he volunteered to be leader. this is a very loose umbrella statement for his personality: he's a leader-- not a pushy one, not a shovey one, not an annoying one-- he's a charismatic, self-aware leader who's passionate and gives his all for just about everything he does. he's been a leader since high school, where he served as his student body president. he reaches for things first, takes the mic, and speaks well. he isn't afraid of much; his philosophy is probably something similar to: if it doesn't affect what i care about, then it doesn't matter to me, if i think it's okay, then it's probably okay; if it isn't okay, then i'll accept the consequences. he isn't afraid of lecturing the other members, and because of this stance, he's gained their respect and acknowledgment. he doesn't have the best voice in the group, but he criticizes sandeul while he's recording because he can, and he has an opinion that he isn't afraid to voice. he also criticized baro while they were training for debut. but it's because he cares, and he knows this, and deep down, the members do, too, hence the respect.

    jinyoung's top two passions are b1a4 and composing. he cares a ton about his fellow members and wants to lead them well, but at the same time, like cnu, wants to get along with all of them. he's often said he was jealous of sandeul's sociability, and the way sandeul seemed to get it on with every member of the group (and even members from other groups). he cares a lot about the members, though- sure, he's strict, but that's because he does want the best for them, he wants b1a4 to do well, he knows that the success of the band is something everyone believes in in the end, even when he has to keep a tired and pissed off sandeul trapped in the recording room for hours on end. jinyoung also has an assertive need to better himself, but unlike cnu, he's seem to have carved out his own path already: he puts most of his effort into composing and singing, and it's pretty obvious that he doesn't really care about dancing, because it's just not something he's passionate about. and to him, and to the fans, that's okay.

    it's hard to tell how confident jinyoung is about himself, because he's very good at keeping things to himself. he has a straight face, but he's very natural about it, almost making it look like he really is neutral on everything. in his own songs, he tends to give himself quite a few lines, and i think it's because he believes in his abilities. he's improved a lot in terms of vocals, too--i remember back in OK days when he couldn't hit his notes to save his life. now, his notes in 'tried to walk' are quite stable.

    and toward composing, jinyoung does seem to have an objective confidence: he doesn't think that he's the best composer ever, and seems to know that he has a ways to go (and a lot of idols / people he looks up to), but he still feels comfortable with the style of music he works on. his composing has been said to be impulsive and intuitive, yet it works. jinyoung learns about feelings through watching movies and reading novels, and behind the scenes, he's said that novels and movies have moved him to tears- hard to imagine for such a composed (no pun intended) guy, but also, if you consider his ability to write music about something he doesn't seem to have experience in, it makes sense.

    on the flip side, toward composing, i think jinyoung holds such a middle ground (not the best, still confident) that he's starting to take composing more seriously than his own health. jinyoung, sleep! baro mentions that jinyoung is (probably) the last one to wake up, likely because he stays up into wee hours of the morning to finish whatever he's working on- he seems like that type of guy who, when he's on a roll, nothing can stop him.

    anyway, jinyoung in the end has a lot going for him- he's smart but can act like a dork, he's a good speaker and a good leader, he's caring yet strict, and he's fucking gorgeous. considering, though, that he isn't afraid to show himself on cam without makeup or hair done or anything, i'd say he cares more about music than his appearance, and is pretty modest about his looks in general- he only ever mentions his famous fox eyes, and forgets the fact that his entire face is made out of angel feathers and holy dust. but, again, if it doesn't affect the things that matter to him, then it doesn't matter. his looks only partially contribute to b1a4, but jinyoung knows that wholly, he still has to prove his talent. he still wants to prove his talent. hence, respect. i respect this dude.



    • real name: lee junghwan (이정환)
    • birthday: march 20, 1992 (age 20)
    • birth place: gyeongsangnam, busan
    • position: lead vocalist
    • blood type: a
    • height: 178cm
    • weight: 62kg
    • skills/hobbies: singing, cooking, swimming, photography
    • siblings: older sister (2 years older)
    • favorite color: blue, black
    • favorite food: beef
    • habits: taking very hot showers, farting randomly, hugging people to sleep, drinking water before sleeping and after waking up
    • nicknames: duck, luffy, ditto, jeon pan-i (sounds like junghwan)
    • ideal type: a person who does their best at their work, someone who can move his heart, wonder girls' yeeun

    ➪ he has a really high prescription. he's said he's pretty much blind without his contacts/glasses.
    ➪ the members call him psyduck. yes, the pokemon.
    ➪ he's scared of knives. and hates spiders.
    ➪ apparently, he has a picture of gongchan as his computer wallpaper, and the members call him 'the gongchan flower / only looks at gongchan' = 'gongchan baragi.'
    ➪ he wants to create his own tone called the 'sandeul tone' (singing).
    ➪ the 'youuuuuu' dance in 'o.k.' is called the 'sandeul dance' (aka breezy).
    ➪ 'only one' is his favorite song on their first mini.
    ➪ his first kiss happened a year before their debut.
    ➪ close with super junior's sungmin and ryeowook and follows them on twitter.
    ➪ ryeowook wants to look like sandeul.
    ➪ shortest member of b1a4, but, to put things in perspective...he towers over these kids.
    ➪ he can do a front flip.
    ➪ wants his children to resemble cnu. but said that he'd switch lives with gongchan because he wants to know what it feels like to be good-looking, also thinks cnu is good-looking.
    ➪ is said to be allergic to cats.
    ➪ he likes reading manga, particularly one piece and pokemon.
    ➪ his favorite movies are kung-fu panda and finding nemo.
    ➪ he loves chicken, but his favorite food is kimchi pancakes.
    ➪ he was pranked by the other members the moment he stepped into the dorm for the first time. (he's usually the butt of their pranks)
    ➪ he's proud of his legs, saying that he has the longest legs in b1a4.
    ➪ faked sick a lot in elementary school (to the point where he was taken to the hospital and given a spinal shot).
    ➪ good at making rice.
    ➪ is possibly a bad dancer.
    ➪ falls asleep with his laptop on his stomach and all the blankets on the floor.
    ➪ he can't sit cross-legged.
    ➪ sleeps in pink pajamas.
    ➪ worries about receiving compliments from the over members.
    ➪ he's friends with 100%'s hyukjin and gave him banana milk after passing the wm audition, saying, "do well, i'm leaving."
    ➪ guested in immortal song 2 with baro, cnu, and jinyoung.


    S A N D E U L


    the two adjectives that seem to stand out for me when i think of sandeul are extremely hardworking and just a little insecure (...modified adjectives). not a ton, but a bit. at least, not as confident as jinyoung is- sandeul is a lot more defensive about himself (his height, his body), signaling a bit of insecurity. he seems to be okay with his voice, but it's his body that he still has lingering doubts about, though in my opinion, he was never really overweight. but considering that it's still a hot topic among interviewers, sandeul kind of has to put up with this crap.

    sandeul is definitely, though, a nice and outgoing kid who acts a little immature for his age, but he's forgiven because he's cute and very open about himself. i don't think he has it in him to hide what he's thinking, some people just have that face that betrays all their emotions, and sandeul is one of those people. he has an older sister who apparently doesn't treat him like an idol, which could mean various things, but i think it boils down to this: she still babies him and acts like that annoying motherly older sister, which probably contributes to the difference between sandeul's mental age and his physical age. i don't think anyone has ever given him problems about his ugly laughing face, or the multiple other things that sandeul goes around flaunting, but that's because he's just so endearing that it's hard (if not impossible) to hate him.

    building off of that, he's likeable and more outgoing than the rest of b1a4: cnu has both insecurities and an image to keep, jinyoung is distracted and formal, gongchan is shy around strangers, and baro seems a bit more guarded/polite than sandeul. out of the five, sandeul seems to have the most friends outside of the group. from cohosting sukira for about a week, sandeul has made friends with super junior's sungmin and ryeowook (even crying when he had to leave!). he's been seen running to infinite's myungsoo, sungyeol, and dongwoo during idol sports. he's been seen with infinite's woohyun during an mcd encore. sandeul's personality and appearance make him approachable, and his talent makes him well-respected, and he has an idea of this, making it easier for him to also approach other groups. both jinyoung and cnu seem envious of this "socialibity." even inside the group, sandeul gets alone well with every member. even though fans generally associate sandeul with badeul, from interviews, sandeul also seems very close to gongchan, and jinyoung--and cnu. the boy is loved. and that makes both me and other fans very happy, because this definitely helps the insecurities that sandeul still seems to have.

    another aspect of sandeul's personality that stands out to me is his work ethic- his tenacity, stubbornness, perseverence, whatever you want to call it. consistently since debut, sandeul has said in interviews that ideally, he prefers a girl who puts her all into things and gives her best effort, and i think here, sandeul is projecting what he wants for himself. from running on a treadmill for hours on end to escaping with jinyoung in the middle of a night to make a guide, sandeul is a person who puts his all into everything, not just things that are important to him, like how jinyoung tends to go through life. this is both a blessing and a curse. sandeul is very competitive, you never see him give up at anything, and the feeling he gets when he comes out on top is probably much more intense for him than for most people. the way he displays it, too, is heartwarming- at idol sports, he literally jumped into jinyoung's arms. in the sesame player scavenger hunt, you could hear him screaming through the entire house. even for small things, like getting the weekly idol hosts to say his cooking was 'not bad,' sandeul would throw his arms up, and his face would just blossom into a lovely happiness. on the flip side, though, when sandeul doesn't win at something he's confident at, that dejected feeling is very intense as well. deeper down, under that layer of playfulness and carefree nature, he's sensitive and wants to be acknowledged for all his ability and persistence. (this is also why he tends to shrink at the mention of plastic surgery.) he's recently reveals that he worries about receiving praise from the other members- revealing, also, that he cares a lot about what other people say about him. he's often the butt of jokes for b1a4, but i think knowing that they love him, and getting that praise for something he might've sung, or some makeup technique that he might've used, is enough to just bring him into euphoria. intense emotions.

    all in all, he's this ball of happiness that radiates sunshine and rainbows, and honestly, you can get that voice through translated interviews of him, which is saying something. he's the type who just beams and beams and beams until you feel like his smile is going to just fall off his face. he's this honest, obnoxious cutie who is really bad at lying and keeping secrets (and mafia). he complements the group so well, not only in vocals, but in personality, because he's the type to just put his foot out and bring the excitement, bring the fun, no matter what it might cost him. his goals are: 1. pleasing the members, 2. giving his best, 3. being liked by everyone. and i'm glad he has his priorities straight, because it's easy and beneficial for him to work at and accomplish all those things.


    credit: http://chax3.ba.ro


    • real name: cha sunwoo (차선우)
    • birthday: september 5, 1992 (age 20)
    • birth place: jeollam, gwangju
    • position: lead rapper, mood-maker
    • blood type: b
    • height: 178cm
    • weight: 63kg
    • skills/hobbies: rapping, writing rap, beatboxing, running
    • siblings: younger sister
    • favorite color: black
    • habits: snores, wakes up first, wears hats, peeling his lips, nags
    • ideal type: a girl wearing a white shirt and denim pants immersed in her work, a girl drinking after exercising, CL from 2ne1, taeyeon from snsd

    ➪ was the first to be confirmed for b1a4, and personally appealed to the company to have jinyoung picked.
    ➪ known for 'yalloo!'
    ➪ loves caps / hats. he's said he feels insecure when he doesn't wear a hat. he also hates his own forehead.
    ➪ the members call him 'squirrel' = 'baramji.'
    ➪ admires tiger jk's rap skills.
    ➪ hasn't been in a relationship for three years.
    ➪ he's athletic and amazing at running. he won first in the 4th idol star athletics championships.
    ➪ his leg hair grows quickly.
    ➪ wants his children to resemble sandeul, thinks gongchan is best-looking.
    ➪ he's afraid of ghosts.
    ➪ dbsk's yunho told baro when he was still a trainee to "meet you later on stage." two years later during their broadcast on music core, they met and yunho still remembered him.
    ➪ he also loves chicken.
    ➪ closes his eyes and takes deep breaths when he's scared.
    ➪ likes having short hair.
    ➪ he doesn't like fast amusement park rides because his mother was in a car accident when he was young.
    ➪ he looks sexy when he is engrossed in work.


    B A R O

    there was this awesome baro meta on the meme and i cannot find it. ): EDIT: FOUND IT: http://kficrevolution.dreamwidth.org/2058.html?thread=7380234#cmt7380234

    but i'll try to incorporate what i remember from that into this. baro is the 2nd youngest of the four, but most of the time he seems older than sandeul and i can probably say 99% of fans agree with me on this one. he's probably the most suited to the idol world of the four, he plays up to the personality they've made for him pretty well; i don't know if that's because the personality they come up with is accurate or if he's just really good at acting.

    baro is supposedly the 'black sheep' of the group if you want to call it that. he's the blood type b, meaning he's supposed to be the 'bad boy,' (while type a's are supposed to be neurotic and perfectionist, but ....lol uh) hence why they got him to play the main character of the 'only learned bad things' music video. he has a deep voice that plays into the rapper bad boy baro type of thing well, but he's a dork and a nice kid. a really nice kid. parts of him exhibit the b personality, i guess, but i don't really think you can define a personality from a blood type any more than you can from a zodiac or w/e. plus, i don't actually know that much about blood-type personalities, so i'll just disregard that from now on.

    he's outgoing and doesn't crack under attention or anything. he's been interviewed and has kind of gotten popular for his athleticism on the idol-olympic competition thing (which is also where i found out cnu is absolutely unathletic), yet he carries himself very well and is always the same baro. he seems to blossom on screen; he's comfortable and ~charismatic~ and stands out and doesn't need to make a fool of himself to do that (...sandeul i'm looking at you).

    he's competitive (when they were trying to make jinyoung laugh at romantic jinyoung day, you could see how salty baro was for not winning) and fun-loving; he loves to just fool around and make up games and play them with gongchan or sandeul. with sandeul, i feel like it's more talking / hitting each other, with gongchan, the games are more action-based: chasing each other, running around, acting out scenes.

    i don't think he's awkward with any of the members in particular either. jinyoung's said that baro was the one he scolded the most pre-debut, probably because baro wasn't sandeul/gongchan (aka soft spot) and baro was younger than him (aka not cnu), because imo baro is talented and takes his work seriously, but jinyoung kinda threw everything on him anyway, haha. that seems to have made them closer, though. jinyoung loves him, and admires his role as the mood-maker of the group: he's the vitamin, brings energy to the group. i feel like when they're all tired or dead or something, baro would be the one to jump up and be like "LET'S GET THIS DONE, GUYS," and jinyoung would stand up and be like "he's right" and then the other three would follow.

    (okay i admit this is shorter but there's a meta link there and that person has done way more than i could ever and just ;;;;;;; DIES)



    • real name: gong chansik (공찬식)
    • birthday: august 14, 1993 (age 19)
    • birth place: jeollam, suncheon
    • position: magnae, vocalist, "face"
    • blood type: a
    • height: 181cm
    • weight: 60kg
    • skills/hobbies: swimming, math
    • siblings: younger brother
    • favorite color: white
    • habits: doing gags and weird pranks, playing by himself, drinking milk before sleeping, smelling things (like a puppy)
    • ideal type: someone who has a cute bunny-like or frog-like face, snsd's yoona,

    ➪ he hates science.
    ➪ he likes math and reading french novels.
    ➪ he's stylish.
    ➪ he takes care of the hyungs because he's an older brother at home.
    ➪ he likes ballads.
    ➪ he was shy when he was a trainee.
    ➪ has cross-dressed for a school competition before and won second place.
    ➪ he was in the drama club in junior high school.
    ➪ he was accepted into the company from a picture his friend put on the internet.
    ➪ he has never had a girlfriend.
    ➪ according to the other members, he looks better after he's just woken up.
    ➪ wants his children to resemble baro, thinks jinyoung is the best-looking.
    ➪ loves spicy food, and his favorite food is cucumber kimchi.
    ➪ he has no armpit hair.
    ➪ he loves zombies and shooting games, which is why his "trademark" motion is a finger-gun thing.
    ➪ also loves reading manga, which is why he has the best japanese pronunciation.
    ➪ is good at rock-paper-scissors and mafia. apparently good enough at rock-paper-scissors that he almost always wins and can guess the outcomes of the games.
    ➪ he hates roller coasters (they're scary).
    ➪ has a nickname of "Neup-dol" or "swamp-dol," meaning once you fall 'in,' you can't get out.
    ➪ had to undergo kidney surgery in the summer of 2012 to get a kidney removed - he suffered throughout the jaljayo goodnight promotions and didn't tell any of the other members until the promotions were over.


    G O N G C H A N

    gongchan's probably the most complex character in b1a4 for me, because what he shows in front of the camera and what we see of him off-cam are so different. there are just so many aspects to his personality. he can be happy-go-lucky, cute, shy, quiet, pondering, etc. etc. etc. so for this, i'll split these 'personas' into sections, after the short intro:

    gongchan is the youngest of the four, but he has a younger brother and the others have said that he takes care of his hyungs sometimes, too. they also said that they were intimidated by him when they first met him because of his pretty face, tall build, and 'chic' appearance, but he quickly became a dork / having a lot of aegyo. i'm not exactly sure how much i believe the 'lot of aegyo' thing, though, but i do believe that he's a kid, playful and rolling all over the hyungs and just, he's happy a lot. which = aegyo, apparently.

    i don't think he's shy at all. at all. i think shy is something the fans have contrived for him, being the magnae and all. he probably was a little nervous when b1a4 just debuted, since he didn't have many lines and didn't have a strong voice or composing abilities or rap skills, but now, through the encouragement of the other members and the fans, he's gained confidence in himself. he used to talk with this annoyingly high, breathy voice, but now, he's built confidence and his voice has dropped and he speaks as if he's the same age as the others, which is the beauty of having a group where the eldest is only older than the youngest by two years.

    from the b1a4 diary thing in...thailand i think? he basically just spent the entire time on camera either filming others, filming himself, being filmed, or playing games with baro (and thus being filmed), and he loves it. he's happy a lot. i think he appreciates the fact that b1a4 values their leniency to just be themselves on camera rather than being overtly 'cool' or 'dorky' or whatever they don't want to be. it's pretty easy to see that each member has a cool side and a dorky side, and gongchan just loves letting his dorky side roll when he's on camera in the dorm or at a hotel or just generally not onstage.

    happy-go-lucky is what i see him as most. he's just a kid! he loves playing! he's not really loud, but he loves competing and getting into the games and just getting involved in things and having fun, like baro and sandeul, and that's probably why we see the three of them hang around each other so often. he's cute when he's being happy, because his smile is the most adorable thing ever, and it lights up my day, and it probably lights up the other members' days, too.

    a quiet, pondering gongchan is what we sometimes see when he doesn't know he's being filmed. not that he puts on an act for the camera per se, he just brightens up in front of the camera, and i still think that brightness is a legitimate part of him. but in the car and stuff, when the others are dorking out, we can see gongchan kind of staring out the window: there are two explanations for this: he either gets carsick really easily, or he's pondering some things. things ranging from his hyungs to home. he's still young, misses home a lot (aka breaking into tears at the sight/any mention whatsoever of his family), loves his family a ton. if you were to meet him irl, he'd probably be a really sweet kid.

    Fic Recs:


    Anything to add?

    anything to add? anything to question / argue / discuss? drop me a comment or a pm! :D
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