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it's surprising, but i'm not surprised.

한 태욱
24 July
l i s t e n
yo, i'm kelley! i don't really have anything fancy to say here. i'm eighteen, first year of college. i stan b1a4 and exo; i try to keep up with infinite, i listen to hello venus and fiestar, i love super junior, tenipuri is my first love, je has happy memories, i watch tennis, i read avengers, i want to play more tales of the abyss/symphonia, shut up flower boy band is perfect. sandeul is my kpop bias, i stan baekhyun and d.o, i want to marry jinyoung, novak djokovic is perfect, also tom hiddleston, guy cecil is my video game crush. i write, i read, i draw, i school. ): i love making new friends! add me at my twitter!
fic comm: ourhandsfroze.
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